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Business Sales

Wide Customer Base

Here is a list of some of the types of businesses we sell to and service on a daily basis:

Law Firms
businessgroupHospitals & Medical Facilities
Eye Doctors & Dental Offices
Accounting Firms
Manufacturing Companies
Construction Companies
Colleges & Universities
Retail Stores & Restaurants
Wholesale Companies
Independent Insurance Companies
Small to Medium Sized Business of all types

Unique Perspective

Servicing such a wide range of customers gives us a unique perspective on solving IT related problems.  Some tech companies that focus on only one type of client tend to get in a rut and run with blinders on.  Many times we find that a solution for one type of client might apply to another client in a completely different business.  Your company will benefit from this wider knowledge base we have to pull from, saving you time and money.  

Computer Central provides IT services to small to medium sized companies ranging in size from as little as 3 to as many as 300 computer users.  Many of our clients have as many mobile users as they do office users.  We service companies with offices all over the country.  If your company is interested making a purchase or contracting services from Computer Central we can provide references upon request and urge you to check them.  We know what our reputation is and are proud of it!

Computer Central Key Partners