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On-Line Helpdesk


Computer Centrals On-line Helpdesk is reserved for our customer base.  If your company is on service contract with us we encourage you to utilize the helpdesk to submit support requests.  Support tickets submitted by customers on service contract receive priority over non-service contract requests.

You can access our helpdesk here.

Note: If you are not on service contract do not submit a helpdesk ticket unless you are requesting an on-site service call.  All in-shop repairs are handled on a first come first served basis and do not require you to submit a ticket prior to visiting our office.

Backup Your Data

backupdrive65The one thing we see a lot of is customers who are not backing up their important data.  Having a good recent backup is the only thing that will save your from a hard drive crash or stolen computer.  Here are some free to low cost backup options you should consider.

DropBox – Good for backing up and sharing small amounts of data.  All data must be located in a folder called “dropbox”.  A free account includes 2GB of storage.

SugarSync – Allows you to backup and share specific folders on your computer.  A free account includes 5GB of storage.

Google Drive - Allows you to backup and share files located in a specific folder on your computer.  A free account includes 5GB of storage.

Larger amounts of storage can be purchased from both services starting at around $40 per year.  If you need to backup huge amounts of data you might consider purchasing an external hard drive.

Free Antivirus and Malware Software

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Computer Central recommends AVG antivirus software for the best protection of your computer.  You can purchase a 2 year AVG license for $59.99 from us.  However, if you are on a tight budget or need something to hold you over until you can purchase AVG, we recommend Microsoft Security Essentials which is free.  You can download Microsoft Security Essentials here.

Computer Central recommends Malwarebytes for malware detection and removal.  The free edition requires that you run checks manually but as long as you remember to run it weekly you will be ok.  The paid version is only $24.95.